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A few weeks in advance of your trip, around the same time that you’ll be getting as fit as a fiddle (or getting as fit as you’re possibly going to be), you should also be plotting out the details of your trip and developing your official hunting plan.

Your Hunting Plan

There are two really good reasons that you should develop a hunting plan. First, you need to know the trip details so that you can properly prepare for it. Secondly, someone else who won’t be on the trip should have a copy of the trip details so that they can alert rescue teams in the event of an emergency. If you’re hunting in a group, make sure everyone knows the hunting plan details before splitting up. This will reduce the risk of a shooting accident occurring.

Be Weather Wary

Think about the seasonal weather characteristics and tune into the weather forecast right before you go hunting. Weather forecasts change all the time and you should be prepared for that. Rain or shine won’t make much of a difference to your hunting plan but a hurricane warning sure will.


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