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Always leave your hunting plan with someone you trust. This must be someone who will notice and react immediately if you don’t show up when you should. This person must know how to use the information properly if a rescue emergency is at hand.

Additionally, if you drive to your hunting area, you should leave a copy of your hunting plan in your vehicle. This way, if you don’t return from your trip and someone stumbles across your truck, the hunting plan on the front seat can be used as a map to locate you.

Hunting Plan Information

Your hunting plan document, email or text message should include the following information:

  • When you left.
  • What day (and what time of day) you expect to return.
  • Instructions/contacts in case of emergency.
  • Your hunting location.
  • Names of the other hunters in your group.
  • Your list of emergency supplies.

Check This Out: Why It’s Worth It

If you’re lying in the dark with a broken back, you won’t regret having taken a few minutes to prepare a hunting plan. The person you left it with may have already raised the alert and a rescue team could be on their way to get you outta’ there.

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