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You can’t just hunt anywhere you like. No wild west cowboy stuff allowed. However, there are a variety of hunting location options out there. No matter where you are—your own property, someone else’s property or public property, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider before you’ll be good to go.

Using Your Own Property? 

If you live on a farm or you own some land, you’ll probably hunt on your own property. Why not stay close to home right? Just make sure that ANYTHING and EVERYONE that you don’t want to accidentally shoot is safely out of the way. Always let your friends and family know when and where you’ll be hunting and remember to put an orange bandana on your dog so he won’t be mistaken for a game animal.

Check This Out: Lights, Camera… Action?

Thinking of setting up a trail cam to monitor your game animal’s behavior while he fattens up during the off-season? It’s a great idea, just make sure you set it up properly. The common mistake made by newbies is they set up the camera WAY too high and forget to angle the lens down. Your best bet for getting some action on camera is to anchor it in a spot about 3 feet off the ground.


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