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Hunters have to get around. Here’s how they roll:



All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are great for hunters. They can easily tackle rough environments and access areas that may be unreachable by truck. Receive training on how to drive an ATV before you head into the woods. Like any other vehicle, they have special handling characteristics. To ride safely, you’ll need to equip yourself in riding gear, including an ATV helmet, appropriate footwear, eye protection and gloves. Remember, even though ‘off-roading’ means leaving the concrete behind, you should always stick to designated ATV trails.

ATV Laws For Hunters

Check the ATV laws for the state where you’ll be hunting. If used irresponsibly, ATVs can wreak havoc on the environment. Some states may require that your ATV comply with sound regulations and vehicle licensing requirements. So, before you rip up the trail, make sure you’re actually allowed to be there. ATVs aren’t exactly discreet and some trails will restrict ATV access.  

Never shoot a firearm from an ATV. These are vehicles, not treestands, and this is real life, not a video game. Shooting from any kind of vehicle is unethical, unsafe hunting behavior and is illegal in most states.

Just like with other vehicles, when transporting your firearm on an ATV, make sure the firearm is unloaded, pointed in a safe direction, the action is open and it’s secured in a protective case.

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