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Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


Stands are an awesome tool for hunting, especially for deer hunters. The view from the top just can’t be beat when you’re watching for approaching game. The only disadvantage to using treestands is they require a strong, straight tree to be properly set up, whereas a ground blind can be popped up just about anywhere.

Before you head for the shed, understand that homemade treestands are a really bad idea. Wood weakens with age and from outdoor exposure. The structural integrity of a homemade stand will depend entirely on your woodworking skills. If your confidence is shaky, we recommend buying a portable stand. You can take a portable stand anywhere and they won’t leave a trail of nails behind.

Wise Words: Know the Facts

The number one cause of injury or death when using elevated stands is falls. Falls from elevated stands are caused by:

  • Errors in the placement and use of equipment.
  • Errors made while climbing into or out of the stand.
  • Equipment damage due to weathering or stress.
  • Insufficient familiarity with the equipment.
  • Weather conditions.

Check This Out: Bowhunting From a Stand

Bowhunting? You won’t want to be further than 12 to 20 yards from your target if you’re shooting a bow from a stand. Any further would be a looooong shot.  Alternatively, if the game animal is within 12 feet of your stand, you’ll be shooting at an awkward angle that’s way too tight to be accurate. So, don’t release the bowstring unless your target is in that 12-20 yards zone.


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