HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 12 - BOWHUNTING


Grip or Handle:

This is the section where the archer physically holds the bow between the limbs. Grip style and shape is simply a matter of shooter preference. Once you get one in your hands you’ll figure it out.


This is the top and bottom area of the bow where the energy is stored. Pulling the string generates the energy and the bow limbs store the energy. When the string is released, the energy in the limbs will propel the arrow.

Wise Words: Dry Fire Dangers

Never pull and release the bowstring without an arrow in the notch. This is called ‘dry firing’ and the unused energy (meant to propel an arrow) will be absorbed by the bow instead. Your bow can actually shatter from the force of a dry fire and hunters have been injured as a result.

String Grooves:

These are grooves on the ends of longbows and recurve bows that keep the bowstring in place.

Check This Out: Wrist Straps

If you’re wearing a wrist strap that’s attached to your bow, your hand should be secure but relaxed on the grip when shooting. A relaxed grip tends to make for a more accurate shot.

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