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Module 12 - BOWHUNTING


Instinctive aiming is when you aim your arrow without using a bow sight. To do this,  look at the target with both of your eyes open and release the arrow. You will need to adjust your aim based on your distance from the target. This is a skill you can only learn with practice and experience. Honestly, your instincts will get you half way there— but you’ll need practice before you’ll ever be successful with instinctive aiming. You’ve got to feel it out to figure it out. 

Releasing the Arrow

Pull back to full draw with your string hand while pushing toward the target with your grip hand. You should feel like you’re pushing and pulling when you let go of the string to release the arrow.

Using Your Fingers

To release the arrow using your middle three fingers, place your index finger over the arrow nock and your other two fingers under the arrow nock. Smoothly and quickly release your fingers to shoot the arrow.

Using a Release Aid

Release aids grab the bowstring with a metal clip that has a hole in the middle where the string sits. Your fingers simply grip the release aid device, which makes it much easier to achieve a consistent release. Most bowhunters use a release aid.

Follow Through

Always hold your stance and follow through after shooting your arrow. Dropping out of your shooting stance too quickly after releasing the arrow could actually alter your arrow’s flight path. Remember a strong straight stance followed by a smooth follow through will make your arrow fly true. 


Wise Words: Get a Bowhunting Education

A Bowhunter Education Course may be required to hunt legally with a bow in your state. It’s a good idea to take a Bowhunting Course, even if you aren’t required to. It will improve your skill level and knowledge base, which in turn, will increase your level of safety and make you more successful in the field.

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