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Module 12 - BOWHUNTING


Bowhunters should always use finger and arm protection. Don’t miss out on a hunting trip just because you neglected to buy those $12 gloves and ended up injuring your hand on the first morning in the field. Use the following safety gear to keep your arms and hands in good shape:

Shooting gloves:
These gloves are usually made of leather and are designed to cover your three shooting fingers.
Finger tabs:
These are single sleeves of material that are held in place on the hand by a ring around the middle finger. A notch is cut in the tab between the index and middle fingers for the arrow nock to fit.
Release aids:
A release aid is a trigger mechanism that is attached to your bow and held in your hand. The release aid makes contact with the string (rather than with the shooter's fingers), which allows for a more consistent release of the bowstring.
Arm guard:
An arm guard is worn on the forearm of your bow arm. They prevent the string from hitting your forearm if it accidentally smacks you when shooting and they hold down your sleeve on your bow arm, keeping it from getting in the way when you’re shooting. Avoid a bruise, wear an arm guard.

Check This Out: Practice Realistically

Challenge yourself—practice shooting your bow when fully dressed in all of your hunting gear. Know how it feels to be wearing layers of heavy clothing while you hoist and draw your bow. Also, if you’re consistently hitting the bullseye of your practice target, get yourself a 3-D target animal and practice hitting the vital zone areas of something lifelike. Remember, a deer in the field won’t be standing directly in front of you with a bulls-eye on its heart.

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