PADDLERsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 03 - Trip Planning and Preparation



If paddling tandem in stormy weather or during high winds, remember that the paddler at the stern is the guide who controls the direction of the canoe or kayak. The paddler at the bow should continue paddling forward to maintain momentum while the stern paddler works at directing the craft. This team effort will reduce the risk of being blown off course, of being swamped by waves and of capsizing.

Consider your level of experience (and the experience level of the group you’re paddling with) whenever you hit the water. Never take risks with the weather and never venture out during high winds of 64 knots or more—AKA hurricane conditions. Even a battleship would be crazy to ride those waves. Don't be afraid to postpone your trip, or to head back to shore if you're unsure of the weather. The water will still be there tomorrow, so make sure you are too.


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